Convention or Meeting Parliamentarian
Serve as Parliamentarian for your meeting or convention. Sit next to the presiding officer and advise him/her throughout the meeting on correct procedure and phrasing, as well as help members phrase motions, or answer parliamentary questions.

Bylaws Creation, Revision and Amendment
Write bylaws, rewrite bylaws or write amendments.

Inspector of Elections / Oversight of Voting Procedures
Act as an objective third party to insure all nomination and election procedures are followed without bias. Supervise collection and counting of ballots. Full compliance with Davis Stirling Act.

Professional Presiding Officer
Be the presiding officer when the President or Chairman cannot or does not want to, or when a neutral third party presiding officer is needed.

Parliamentary Training
Individual or group training on proper use and practice of Parliamentary Procedure.

Special Rules Creation
Create special rules for the unique situations of your organization.

Agenda Creation
Create efficient agendas that take best advantage of parliamentary rules

Scripted Agenda
Create a script for the presiding officer specific to your meeting agenda, in order to ensure he/she always says the right things and does not forget anything.

Parliamentary Opinion
A written opinion, something like a legal opinion, which analyzis a particular event to determine if it was done according to proper Parliamentary Procedure.


Organizational Policy and Procedure
Create the policy and procedure documents that back up and give detail and function to your bylaws and organizational plans.

Organizational Structure and Development
Help you design a governance, board, membership and staffing structure that maximizes the talents of your organization’s members and staff.

Program Management
Overseeing specific program elements of your organization’s overall plan of action.

Event Management
From a board meeting of 10 to a black tie fundraiser for 500 — expert management of event logistics.

Strategic Planning
Facilitate the creation of the all-important Strategic Plan for your organization, from board retreats to the presentation to the membership.


Roberts Rules of Order/Parliamentary Procedure
Brief overview of Parliamentary Procedure and its use and application

Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
How to get up and speak in front of others and how to design visual elements of presentations.

Holding Effective Meetings
Beyond Parliamentary Procedure — from deciding when and where to hold the meeting, to the room arrangements and food. How to make the most of the time you spend in meetings.

Buzzword or business method? How to make the most of your networking opportunities and how to find those opportunities.